Click to add numbers to the board.

Z undoes, R restarts.

Compare your maximum value with your friends!

Note: if the html version does not work for you, please the windows version below. Sorry for the inconvenience!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorMarcos Donnantuoni
Made withOpenFL


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Version 3


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I've made my own version of this game, except with hexagons :)


It's an Interesting puzzle, the maximum I could find is 120.798.608 by going in a spiral and making sure the highest numbers are always on the inside.

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😎I think I found the perfect score: 124.343.592 (spoiler)

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This game is awesome. Been competing with my friends for a few days.

But please, please, please add "," - thousand delimiters for large numbers, it is very hard to see and every time I need to count digits to be sure. All my friends agree as well.


Thanks! Sadly I lost the source code of the project on a filesystem accident. If I reconstruct the game I'll enhance the readability.

Oh no, losing the source code that sucks so much. It's a pretty cool puzzle game, I would also add an instructions screen and maybe highlight/color the top 3 maximum nrs.

Good idea!