The rules are intentionally mysterious.

Try to maximize the score (for a given board size).

Mouse controls:

Draw or erase paths on the board.

Keyboard controls:

1 reduces board size.

2 increases board size.

R resets the board.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorMarcos Donnantuoni
Made withOpenFL


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On an n-by-n grid, you can get up to (n)(n-1) points if n is even, and one less point if n is odd.

seems correct.

Oh, different size boards, so 39 on 8x8 and 244 on 18x18.

44 on size 8

I'm only up to 36 so far, will have to think how to break out of that box..

Stopping at 50... I suspect the max is close to 98 though. Good game : )

Oops, nevermind, definitely not 98. Currently have 56, probably can't go much higher than that. Has anyone gotten 60?

On what size board?

8x8. Didn't notice there were other options!

(1 edit)

In that case I must not have a complete understanding of the scoring/rules. According to the very simple scoring I am using, it should not be possible to score that high on 8x8. Edit -- OK, now I see what false assumption I made.