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uide a young robot explorer on its mission of discovery and enlightenment! Collect the wisdom of a long-lost archipelagic civilization!

Dis Pontibus is a minimalist yet deep puzzle game, with procedurally generated and auto-curated levels.

Its mechanics are very simple, but its gameplay can be very challenging.

Please don't hesitate to comment with suggestions, bug reports, ideas, etc. I plan to keep enhancing this game as much as possible.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Dis Pontibus (with new world generation) for Windows 64 bit 21 MB
Dis Pontibus (with new world generation) for Windows 32 bit 18 MB
Dis Pontibus (with new world generation) for Mac OS X 24 MB
Dis Pontibus (with new world generation) for Linux 24 MB
Dis Pontibus for Windows 64 bit (old world generation) 19 MB
Dis Pontibus for Windows 32 bit (old world generation) 17 MB
Dis Pontibus for Mac OS X (old world generation) 23 MB
Dis Pontibus for Linux (old world generation) 24 MB

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aaand purchased. may i ask what's the goal for? please let it be a mobile/switch port to take this gem on the go.


Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

The goal is to explore the islands to collect the wisdom the natives left painted in the walls. But to achieve that you must solve the puzzles...

I cannot yet make a switch port, but a mobile one is planned (with some tweaks in the rules to make it more playable with touch screens).


well you got a day-1 supporter right over here. best of luck for your little gem.

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"Push Bridges" is the perfect brain exercise.  

I hope you consider publishing it on Steam.



I'm considering it, after I add some more features and better art.

In the meantime, I trust the word-of-mouth of puzzle lovers :)

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Hi Marcos,

Steam has an "Early Access" feature for games that are not yet complete.

Even though I believe your game is complete, you could place it in "Early Access".

And let people who purchase your game know you're  adding more features.

Best Wishes

Oh, I see! I'll study the possibility. Thanks!

have you posted it on reddit? there are so many subs (/r/playmygame for example). and the communities there are really tight and can give a lot of exposure to your page. 


Good idea!

Whoa, never thought  such neat puzzles could be generated. Nice game.

I think this one might be impossible.

Thanks! Rest assured, all puzzles are solvable.

are all levels random? or are there both a fixed number of hand designed levels and random ones?


Only the first three levels are hand-made (the tutorial ones, that teach how the different pieces work).

The rest are thousands of pre-generated and classified puzzles, and they are selected randomly to make each  game unique.

I pre-generated them in order to make the game run smoothly. The generation and classification are very CPU-consuming.

i am so intrigued with your game. i will definitely grab it next week. are you thinking of a steam/switch/ios/android version? this game is awesome on the go when you got 10 minutes to kill.

best of luck with the release and much success.


I'm planning to do a mobile port, but I have no time at the moment. Perhaps during my next vacations...

It looks amazing!!