Draw lines. Try to create as many black numbers as possible.

R to reset. left/right change size.

AuthorMarcos Donnantuoni
Made withOpenFL
Average sessionA few seconds


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got 25 on the biggest and I'm 2 away from 26, has anyone beat that?

Very good scores! I don't know if they are optimal.

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I tried to solve it mathematically, by determining the number of lines needed for 26, compared to the max possible in a 19x19 grid, but i suck at math :'(


I don't know if there is some analytical solution, but surely if there is, you can find it!

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got 26

I got 11. I think that's the best possible?

You can make 12.

Also, try other board sizes (with left/right arrow keys).

Thanks for playing!

Got 12! Good challenge!