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Though it has around three times fewer levels than the first safe robber, this game not only has far greater QoL and technical quality, but its duel-safe manipulation and the new addition of multi-push allows for tougher, more airtight and more thoughtfully designed puzzles. Though I prefer the field hubworld, the aesthetic improvements cannot be ignored either. This combined with nice touches, such as settings/quit buttons, the puzzles looking like real houses, ambient music, not being able to see the edge of the map and many bug fixes puts this over the first game by a large margin. Good game!

Glad you enjoy!

really enjoyed!

Very glad! The third part is coming...

is there any way to adquire this game and the previous one without paying with paypal ?

because i am from argentina and paypal is blocked (because of foreing exchange controls)

Not at the moment; I'll look into that. (I'm also from Argentina btw :) )

Ok, thanks.

(Que mundo chiquito. Buenisimo ver que existen desarrolladores argentinos!)